I Will See You Again

For some reason, I decided to take two workshops this semester that happened to be the most depressing ones that Boise State has to offer. This past weekend I took a workshop dealing with communicating with the dying and communicating with those who have gone through the experience of losing a loved one. Along with that, over winter break I took a workshop on suicide prevention. I’m really glad I didn’t get the chance to take the full semester class on death and dying because two days was enough! It’s a part of life I haven’t had much experience with and I’m thankful for that. To be honest, I’m terrified for when that day will come.

It’s interesting that the workshop on death and dying came on the weekend that it did. Today would have been my grandma’s 86th birthday. She is one I wish I would have had more time to get to know better. Distance sucks. Haha. I remember back in 2009, the last time we were down in SoCal, that there was a really good chance that that would be the last time I would see her. Unfortunately, I was right. I know she is watching over me now. 🙂

Have you thought about the way you want to go? If you had the opportunity to know the exact date of your death, would you want to know? Have you thought about whether you want a funeral, cremated, burial etc? This weekend really got me thinking about certain questions like this. One thing is for certain, everyone better have a party whenever my day comes! There better be lots of chips and cheese. No black, lots of color! I know this is all really depressing, but I’ve come to realize how important all of this is. It is important to not treat death as a taboo subject. Create a living will so when you go, those who love you do what YOU want.

Hope this hasn’t been TOO depressing. HA! It’s kind of exciting to think about what life will be after life. . . “This is just a stop on the way to where I’m going. I’m not afraid because I know this is my Temporary Home.”

Happy Birthday, Grandma.  ❤
I will see you again. ❤


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