Team Carrie: No Matter What

I’ve been thinking a lot about life the past few months. 
I graduated and began a job that I am loving. 

Something also happened earlier this summer. I realized I forgot to renew my Carrie Underwood Fan Club membership.

Wait. . . WHAT?!?!

Yes, you heard me right. The funny thing is I am totally okay with that! Let me start at the beginning. . . .

I’ve been a fan since day one. Actually, before day one. My obsession before Carrie was Raven Symone. I was part of a fan site for her and chit chatted with fans of hers. I talked with a guy from a little town where 69 meets 40. Yep. Checotah, Oklahoma. He was like, “You GOT to watch this girl from here on American Idol. She’s AMAZING.” He had some clips of her singing that I listened to before the audition, but then the audition happened and I was like DUUUUUDE. So I watched. I voted. She won. The end. . .

. . . of that chapter of my life. The next one was just beginning. I saw her when she went on tour with American Idol. It was my first concert! Then I had my back surgery in November 2006. I was home a lot. I got news that she was starting a fan club and IMMEDIATELY joined. Member #585! I figured it would be a place I would go to get the latest updates, presales, M&G opportunities etc. Little did I know!! Because I was home a lot, I was on the computer a lot. I discovered the chat room and started talking to other Carrie fanatics. It was SO COOL. This quickly took over my life. HAA. oops. One late night there was 8 or 9 of us on. It was about midnight, 1am my time. Who pops in the chat room? CARRIE FREAKING UNDERWOOD. People ask me how I know it’s her. Because it is! And because when I met her the first time I had her sign my transcript from that night and she remembered how crazy it was! BOOM. Anyway…. HA. She chatted with us for 45 minutes or so. I asked her if she felt like she was an accident since she also has two older siblings that are 10 and 12 years older. HAHA. And that was that. 

I met some of the greatest people through Carrie. I’ve seen really awesome relationships form because of her. It’s absolutely nuts how one person can change your life so much. While I haven’t been in the chat room for years, I still keep in touch with some that I have met via Facebook and phone. There are a few who I haven’t met in person, but maybe one day. CARRIE FANS ARE THE BEST. 

Since I became a fan, I have been blessed to have seen her in concert 9 times. (3 of those were on one day when I went to Nashville. I don’t know whether to count that as 1 or 3. HA) I have also been able to meet her twice. Not a lot of people can say that. Besides meeting her, my absolute all time favorite memory of her was being able to hear her sing the National Anthem LIVE. I cannot describe how I felt in that moment when I read on the prompter that a special guest was singing it. SO AMAZING. 

So there you all have it. There’s my Carrie obsession in a nutshell. 😉 

She will always be my number one. She changed my life and she’s a big part of where I am at now in my life. 

Team Carrie: NO MATTER WHAT. 

I love you all. ❤ 

Here is my video I captured of her singing the National Anthem 🙂

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