National Catholic Development Conference

Hello from Chicago!

For those of you who don’t know, I am in Chicago for a few days at the National Catholic Development Conference! A part of my grant that I received back in April is to attend a training each year. I wanted to attend one back in June, but they decided not to hold it this year. So, then I planned on going to Texas in January for a different one, but they did some weird thing and kind of sorta merged or something…I don’t really know… Anyway! I ended up coming to Chicago!

I am definitely NOT a city girl. Like. Boise can even be too much. There’s just too much happening at every single moment and it stresses me out! Haha! So let’s just smack me right down in the middle of downtown Chicago by myself! Ok! Let the adventure begin! O.O

If you didn’t hear, a guy decided to see the air traffic control center here on fire. (You should pray for him btw.) There has been cancelations and delays out the wazoo. I kept checking my flight and it was ok… Right until I landed in Denver and then it was delayed for an hour. So while it wasn’t late by the time I got to the hotel, it was still dark. OH! And last night they set the river on fire or something so traffic was crazy for that. And then I heard today was the Marathon. So it was just people everywhere, rooftop parties, giant trucks where they shouldn’t be and just WAY TOO MUCH CRAZY FOR ME.

My room is on the 22nd floor. And I had to take the low rise elevator. LOW RISE. At least I didn’t have to take the high rise. I’m not a fan of elevators. I went to look at the view of my window and I got dizzy I was so high up!! Im a little better now, but I’ll just keep my blinds shut most of the time. Oi. The view in photos below…

I had no desire to go walk around to find food. I decided to check for delivery and found Jimmy Johns! I called them up and I got some recorded message that said something about seeing them March 18… Ok? So I was about to give in and take out PF Changs, when Im seeing how far of a walk it is and I see another JJ! So I call them up and they tell me to call the other. I tell them what happened when I did and they said they would deliver to me anyway! So nice of them!!

Today was the first day of the conference. They gave me a ribbon that says “First Time Attendee.” This way if it looks like I’m lost… It’s probably because I am. Bahah. But it’s actually been a great conversation starter. It was very go go go from 830-5. It was so busy that they didn’t even schedule a time for lunch. Yes. You heard me right. NO LUNCH. A session ended by 12. Mass was at 1230. Next session at 130. I was late to the session at 130 because Mass went late. After that session ended at 230 I gave in and skipped the 3-4 session because I NEEDED TO EAT. Cheese and rice. It worked out though because it gave me time to begin browsing through the exhibitors. I ended up with glow sticks, a light up pen that kinda reminds me of a lava lamp, and a 3rd class JPII relic! Oh. And I talked to a lot of people and got a lot of info. I guess that was the point of the conference, right? To make friends and get lots of info? Bahaha. That part has been quite fun actually! Oh gosh. . .

So tonight I decided to leave the safety of my hotel!! This was a HUGE step for me. My goal was to find Trader Joes. Fun fact: I’ve only ever been to TJs in other states even though Boise has one… Anyway. After walking in a few circles and my phone taking me to a restaurant called Joe’s, I found it! BUT I decided to go walk around some more instead! So I took off down the street and just wanted to see where it would take me! I ended up turning back around cause the amount of people diminished fast and I’d rather be in a crowd of people so at least there’s a witness to the crime. Oh gosh. I ended up at a popcorn shop called Garretts and,oh man, it is fantastic! I may go back again… If I can find it… O.O The one mistake I made was that I forgot my coat in my hotel. The sun was setting and it was getting colder so I decided to just get back to TJs and then head back to my hotel.

So far it has been a very lovely conference! I mind has been blown and still have 2 1/2 more days! I’m hoping to find some pizza tomorrow… We will see how that goes!!





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