It’s been real, Chicago.

Well, my time in Chicago has come to an end. The conference and the city were both fantastic! I only had a few moments where I wish I had my pepper spray. Let me go back a bit…

Monday was the second day of the conference. Woke up to a gorgeous sunrise! I just wish the building Were not in the way. Photo at the bottom… It was again very go go go! I had decided I would go find some Chicago pizza that evening. OHMYGOSH. I can never eat pizza the same again!



Tuesday wasn’t quite as busy. Was that really only yesterday?! Somehow we ended up with 2+ hours for lunch. So, I decided to walk to the Hancock tower! That was pretty nifty. No, I didn’t go up to the top. That sounds terrifying. Plus, I didn’t have enough time. I was just wandering on back to the hotel when I found the Disney store!! I just HAD to go in! Because IT’S DISNEY! I got a few things and then took off to find a coffee shop because I was so done with Starbucks! Then it was back to the conference! There was a break in between sessions and I went back up to my room to lay down for a bit because my back was killing me. I thought we had an hour. Turns out we only had a half an hour. Oops! Tuesday evening I just went back to the Disney store real fast because I ran out of time the first time and then went back to my room to pack and clean up. Plus, I got to FaceTime Galinda which was awesome!



Today, the conference was only until noon. Mass, breakfast and then one final speaker. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan that very well and still needed to pack before check out at noon. So I left after breakfast/final drawings. They gave away prizes throughout the conference. We all had one ticket go in and then you have to visit 20 exhibitors to get your 2nd ticket and then another 20 to get a third and final ticket. Someone won three times! Not nice! You had to be present to win. Next year the conference is at Disney World. The first lady who won tickets to Disney world as well as hotel for it was not there! I was with all her friends. Oh gosh. That would be the worst! Anyway… So after I checked out I stored my luggage away and headed towards a different part of downtown I had not yet explored! I knew I would be walking across the river. I was thinking the sidewalk would be concrete and stuff. NO. It was terrifying! I hate bridges over water. And when I looked down I could see the river through the cracks! It didn’t help when people would jump on it! Cheese and rice. I would eventually end up at the one place I really wanted to see… The Bean!! So cool!!




After I was done there, I ran into the Chicago Public Library which isn’t nearly as exciting as Boise’s. I went in, but it was also like some cultural center. I didn’t actually find the Library part. I didn’t have time to search the large building. That was confusing though.



On Tuesday night when I was watching TV, a commercial for Panera came on. I did a search and turns out there was one right near my hotel! HECK YES. I love love love Panera! I have only ever been during my two trips to Nashville, the last time being in June 2011. So I grabbed a sandwich and a bagel for the airport! It was oh so amazing!

Now, I’m just waiting for my flight. Right now I believe it is scheduled for 7:05, which is delayed from the original time. So pray that it doesn’t delay anymore! I don’t want to get stuck in Denver’s airport!

I’m pretty proud of myself this trip! I usually live off of subway, crackers and protein bars because of my anxiety. I won’t even drink anything besides water. It gets really bad. I used to not eat for days. I didn’t even eat any of my crackers or bars that I packed! I also ventured out of my hotel! Also a huge deal! Things can get better! It just takes time! Ya, I still have my days, but this is such a huge step I have made!

Boise. Hopefully, I shall see you around midnight!

Other random photos I took…








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