Thoughts during my run this morning: 
1. I wanna go to the zoo. I’ll just pretend to be a chaperone for one the elementary schools. 
2. It’s amazing what a new armband does to a run! 
3. New headphones! Where have you been all my life?! 
4. I wish the geese would pick up their own poop. 
5. Puppy! 
6. Baby! 
7. Hello Kaitlin, Joy, Danielle, Erin, Anne and Jax! 😉
8. Why are Carrie’s workout clothes so expensive? 
9.  These capris better last me 75 years. 
10. I want a smoothie. 
11. Holy cow it smells like fries. 
12.  I forgot sunscreen! 
13. No weird tan lines allowed until after Emanzi wedding! 
14. I should get a dog to run with. 
15. It’s apparently Zoo day for EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL IN IDAHO. 
16. I wish the giraffes were out. 
17. I’m dying. 
*one minute left*
18.  This is the longest minute of my life.
19. I DID IT. 
For those who don’t know, I’m working through a Couch to 5k program. You run 3 times a week and each week there are different amounts of walking and running. It’s an app and the lady tells me when to start and stop running. It’s an 8 week program, but I’ve made it a 9 week because I feel the jump from week 3 to week 4 is too much. So, I made a 3.5. Unfortunately,  It will take me more than 9 weeks due to some health issues I needed to work through around week 3.5. Today, I finished Week 4, day 2. 
This is my 4th attempt at the program, twice with friends, and this is my second time on my own, and the furthest I’ve ever made it. 
And I am loving every second of it.

I was asked once why I run. 
I played soccer for 12 years. 
I hated running. 
Oh. So. Much. 
I’d randomly go for a run during my four years of college. 
So, why now? 
I have to give credit to the organization To Write Love On Her Arms for part of my motivation this time around. They started a 5k in Florida three years ago, and while they encourage virtual runners, I hope to one day go to Florida and run in their 5k. TWLOHA has played such a huge part in life, and I’d love to thank Jamie Tworkowski in person one day. 
I love running because I can do it anywhere, at any time. 
I love running because it makes me crave a lot more healthier foods. Due to my health issues, I’m trying a new diet, so running helps me eat more fruits and veggies and less pizza and chips. 😉 
I’ve never regretted going for a run. Even on the toughest days, I find motivation. 
I love running because I find myself less tired and less stressed. 
I run because I can. 
Because I’m alive. 
Because I want to live. 

When you’re pro-life, shouldn’t the first life you want to protect is your own?
Yes. It should be.
It’s never to late to start over.
Your life is worth it. 

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