Dumpster Diving 

As I was taking out the trash and checking the mail, I realized I had locked myself out of my apartment. Then, as I threw my trash in the dumpster, my mailbox key decided to go with it. I left the key because getting back into my apartment is more important. I started knocking on doors and no one was home. One guy was painting an empty apartment and said his phone didn’t work… 

A neighbor, who I had never met, finally came home and called management. Maintenance couldn’t come and I didn’t have a way out to the management office to get a spare (the office is off Eagle Rd. Im on the Bench.) I’m on the second floor, so I couldn’t just break in through a window. 

After trying to figure out what to do without my phone and no numbers memorized, the neighbor asked where my roommate was and offered me a ride to her to get the key. She even brought me a water since it’s so hot. 

Golly gee willikers! 

Even though I got myself into a mess, it was wonderful to meet someone who would go out of their way for someone they just met. 

Now, I must shower because I jumped in the dumpster to get my key after I got back into my apartment. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day. 
You are loved. 🙂 

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