Halloween and the masks come on.

But for some individuals, they always have a mask on.
They cover up invisible illnesses.
For many, these masks take weeks, months, or even years to be ripped off.
Until that happens, individuals all around you continue to play the part of someone else. Because that is why masks were made, to conceal who we really are.

We go to work or school; we hang out with our friends and family and pretend that nothing is wrong. Sometimes the one accomplishment of the day is getting out of bed in the morning. You do what you can to make sure no one sees what is really going on inside. We tell people that we are doing great, and hope that one day it won’t be a lie. It doesn’t help when people tell you that you look happy, but you kind of brought it on yourself when you put the mask on, so then you feel even worse.

If you don’t know what to do with your mask, give it to God.
He knows what to do with it.

Be honest with God, others, but more importantly, be honest with yourself.

If you know someone who is hiding, help them take their mask off.

If you are the one hiding, ask for help.
It’s okay to not be okay.

Enjoy the good days, and remember them on the bad. Do away with anyone or anything that has a negative impact on your life.  Put notes of encouragement around your home, car, workplace etc. Find someone to talk to that you can trust. Ask people to pray for you.

For me, it’s been the little things that get me through the bad days.
I journal.
I pray.
I stargaze.
I have a ring that reminds me to Love Life.
Jeremiah 29:11 is wrapped around my wrist.
I have a canvas that I made that reminds me to forgive, love, and be brave. I wrote it mirrored and the way my bathroom is set up, it’s the first thing I see in the morning.
I watch the sunrise that reminds me that it’s a new day, a new beginning.

Halloween is over.
It’s time to take the mask off.

One thought on “Masks

  1. Ricardo Gomez

    Very well said there are a lot of people wearing masks and some don’t want to acknowledge it but we can help others with God’s grace by sharing our stories. Others heal through us and at the same time we heal.
    Having been in the dark hole with all hope with in me extinguished and I trusted no one, even my parents, but I cried out to God and choose to open my heart to him and little by little healing begun to take place. God wants to bring hope to where there is none but he needs our permission to give us all his gifts and graces.

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