Staring at Computer Screens

I am a firm believer in taking mental health days. It shouldn’t be any different than calling in sick because you have the flu.

That being said, I have never taken one, although, I’ve had my days where I probably should have.

At work on those days, most of the time I found myself staring at my computer screen.
Not typing or clicking.
Just staring.

But I’m learning that it’s okay if that’s “all I did.”

I found the strength to get out of bed.
I got dressed.
I made it to work.
I ate something.

Some days are harder than others.
But I survived.
And I remind myself that on those days where I may not want to get out of bed.

To those of you struggling: it’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.

You are loved. 🙂

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