The Light is Always There

I’ve been struggling the past few weeks.
One little email, phone call, or snowflake can lead to a mental breakdown.
I’m probably stressing out over nothing.
But I haven’t quite figured out how to convince myself of that…yet.

The weather isn’t helping.
Normally I walk to work, and if the weather is bad I do not drive anywhere unless needed.
Today, unfortunately, it was needed.

I left my downtown office around 4:15pm. I needed to go to Rite Aid on Vista, then return to my apartment near the co-op. I didn’t get home until close to 6pm. I grew up in East Idaho, so I’m used to driving in the snow. Boise folks, I say this with love, some of you should probably go back to drivers ed. 😀

I found myself on the verge of tears after being on the road for about an hour.
“What if my car breaks down?”
“Ohmygosh that bus is going to rear end that car.”
“What if the bridge collapses?”
“How am I going to get to my meetings tomorrow?”

Welcome to my anxious mind. img_0079

I found myself stopped near Julia Davis park. As I looked to the left, the street light caught my eye. It wasn’t much, but it was just enough light to lead me out of that gloomy place my mind likes to take me. Then, a little voice inside my head told me to think of one thing that I was thankful for.

Just one.

In that moment I was thankful for the person who let me merge into their lane.
And then they kept coming.
I’m thankful for Waffle Wednesday.
After not sleeping the past few nights, I’m thankful for the coffee that helped me get through the day.
I’m thankful for the brief conversation with a friend while getting coffee.

When we’re in the middle of the storm, it can be difficult to see the light.
But it’s always there.
In the street light, coffee, friends.
That’s something to be thankful for.

What’s one thing you’re thankful for? 🙂

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