I see You.

Just gonna keep it real for a moment. 

I struggle every day with believing that I am wanted.
That I am enough.
That I am worthy.
That I am loved.

Every. Single. Day.

It’s exhausting.

Some days it’s easy to fight the lies.
Other days, not so much.

This morning I was driving to work, playing God Only Knows by for KING & COUNTRY. I’ve had it on repeat the past few days. So many tears.
Happy tears.
Sad tears.
Grateful tears.

As I stopped at a light, I quickly took this not-so-great photo of the smoke. But as I looked up, I noticed the light shining through. Between the song, and this, I lost it.


Then, a few blocks later, I stopped behind a car that had a sticker that said “You are not alone.”

Ok God. 

I see You.

I see Your light shining on me, even on the darkest days.
I see You loving me, even when I don’t feel loved.
I see You listening to me, even when I’m angry with You.
I see You keeping me alive, even when I don’t believe I have anything to live for.

I see You.

“God only knows where to find you.
God only knows how to break through.
God only knows the real you.
There’s a kind of love that God only knows.”

You are loved, friends. ❤

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